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Who We Are!!!

Bringing for you, specially designed planters and flower pots, for your gardening needs and indoor decoration. Our team of designers, after having traveled across the world, strives to bring you the best of designs to suit your style and class. In order to fulfill our commitment towards environment, we make it a point to use at least 100 % recycled material in our products while maintaining highest quality. The Most Eco Friendly PLASTIC PLANT POTS, PLANTERS AND FLOWER POTS. We Design, Produce and Sell Eco Pots made from 100% Recycled Plastic and Ensure they are Sturdy, Beautiful and Stylish, not only today, but also Tomorrow and Even in Ten Years. We Sell Gardening Product Online All over India. Attractive Planters and Flower Pots Provide House Owners a flawless decoration options to showcase their beautiful flowers outside the home, on the patio or in the garden. Also, as lawns grow smaller, one can still create the perfect garden in a flower pot or planter. To meet these needs, Urban Bagicha carries an extensive range of decorative and utility empty flower pots and planters for growing flowers and vegetables. Our plastic flower pots and planters are lightweight, Any-season use, durable and available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to fit any gardening project.

Manufacturing All Types Of Plastic And Rubber Injection Mould.

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"Just what I was looking for. I recently found myself gifted with tons of small succulents that were too big for their tiny nursery pots. These came nicely packaged, with their own colorful trays which I love. Pretty sure I will be able to use plenty, well worth the money! Definitely like these flower pots they are a great new addition to the home and I will be looking for bigger sizes.."

- Amol Kakde,
Admin at Self

"The pots are big enough to hold the new succulents while small enough to easily transport. For those family members who don't feel like transplanting further, the pots are quite fine as they are to put on a windowsill! They are pretty, easy to clean, and do the job nicely. Well recommended. It's impressive they can create these for the low cost. I have two sets of these planters and am going to order more!!!"

- Sangam Darade,
Developer at Sanyog Software

"They are actually a bit larger than I thought but that is on me for not zeroing in on dimensions. I did order as recommended by another buyer (thank you for that tip) because they have lots of holes in the bottom (a good thing) but three of them are over large and potting soil will fall thru - so I lined them with the mesh and all is good. They are the perfect size and I love the different colors."

- Harshal Dhande,
Developer at Sanyog Software